Underground Railroad Shows

In addition to their award winning jazz and blues shows, Diana and Chris have two unique musical productions that tour. One is a two act 90 minute larger scale musical production for theatres, performing arts centres and concert halls and the other is a 50 minute school friendly performance for elementary schools.    Both are multi-media and use images and songs to tell the inspiring and uplifting historical story of the underground railroad.

Their school production has toured for 10 years to over 150,000 students.








The new theatrical 90 minute musical story  – Sugar And Gold Stories of the Underground Railroad goes beyond the underground journey to relate the story of the arrival, challenges, and riveting experiences of the African-American men and women who became members of Canada’s first Black pioneer communities from coast to coast.

Rare photographs and unique images provide a rich historical backdrop to the production while a colourful enchanting musical score with original songs embellish the story with an uplifting musical soundscape.
Sugar And Gold – Stories of the Underground Railroad begins with the sugar and gold trade in the 1600’s and weaves this captivating remarkable story through the centuries. This new full-length musical story of the Underground Railroad premiered in 4 major Ontario theatres February 2018 to standing ovations.

Read what the Artistic Director’s had to say about this dynamic show!

“Diana Braithwaite and Chris Whiteley captured our attention from the beginning to the end with songs and stories of the underground railroad.”    RONNIE BROWN, OAKVILLE CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS

“Sugar and Gold had our audience captivated from the opening number. They were so enthralled that not a single person got up from their seat for any reason during the entire show… until the curtain call, when everyone quickly leapt to their feet!”   ERIC GOUDIE, FERGUS GRAND THEATRE

“More than songs, this performance is a living, breathing testament to the stories of those fighting for freedom and equality.”   RONNIE BROWN – OAKVILLE CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS

“A memorable experience… it’s a show that I felt good about bringing to my community.”    ERIC GOUDIE, FERGUS GRAND THEATRE

“Sugar and Gold is inspiring and one of the reasons we all keep on striving for equality!”   RONNIE BROWN, OAKVILLE CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS

Watch Promo Video for this unique 90 minute theatrical production- Sugar And Gold! Stories Of The Underground Railroad.